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Welcome to Life Cycles

Hi, I’m Melissa Dorr – a midwife, naturopath, yoga instructor, and women’s health advocate. Welcome to Life Cycles, created to empower women to thrive during every cycle of life, including adolescence, preconception, pregnancy, early motherhood, menopause, and beyond.

Support for every season

Being a woman is no walk in the park. From period pain to mood swings, birthing to menopause, we seem to dread each milestone instead of welcoming change. 

What if there was a better way?

I help women honour their sacred life cycles and celebrate their femininity. With 15 years of experience as a midwife, I draw on evidence-based holistic tools and therapies including naturopathy, yoga, and mindfulness.

What I Do

As a midwife, naturopath, and yoga instructor, I’m uniquely qualified to support women through all seasons of life. I meet you where you are and provide personalised support.


Get support with reproductive health, including fertility, pregnancy, birth, and perimenopause.

Pregnancy Yoga

Prepare your mind and body for birth with deeply restorative pregnancy yoga classes.

Antenatal Classes

Discover practical tools and evidence-based techniques to feel excited and empowered about birth.

Postnatal Care

Get qualified advice to help you navigate breastfeeding, sleep deprivation, postnatal depletion, and more.

Mum & Baby Yoga

Enjoy gentle movement postpartum, bond with your new baby, and meet like-minded mums.

Girl Talk

A 5-week course for prepubescent girls. Give your daughter the gift of an empowered transition to womanhood.

Who I am

Mother. Midwife. Naturopath. Yogi.

I’m passionate about women’s health and empowerment. I’ve worked with women for over 15 years, helping them tap into their inner wisdom, celebrate their strength, and reclaim their power.

I can help you embrace every season. Even the stormy ones. Let’s make womanhood wonderful again.